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Bringing Our Restaurant to Your Home. On Wheels.

Enjoy pizza the way it was created in Naples, Italy, circa 1889.

A celebrated Ohio landmark, Lorenzo’s has created an exciting new catering service that literally brings the restaurant to your doorstep. It’s called The Beautiful Flame. And it’s on wheels.

It’s a mobile pizzeria, to be exact.  

Just like an artist who studies painting techniques for years, Larry Cariglio, owner of Lorenzo’s, has learned the complex craft of making an authentic, Naples-style pizza (Pizza Napoletana).

EXPERIENCE THE FLAME!  The Beautiful Flame is a custom-made brick oven that Larry installed on a truck bed. He transports the oven to your party, whether it's a wedding, graduation or birthday party, family reunion or anniversary celebration.

Right before your eyes, Larry fires up oak or maple wood to a scorching 900° F, then pops the pizza in the oven. With a light-as-air crust, each pizza is done in less than two minutes because of the high temperature. The rapid cooking captures the freshest tastes of Italy and produces a seductive, smoky scent.

Watching the Beautiful Flame is a party in itself!

The Beautiful Flame
The Beautiful Flame

Our Menu: A Winning Palette of Ingredients

Organic, too!

The Beautiful Flame Menu

Larry brings Naples’ gold standards to every bite of the Beautiful Flame pizza. Over the years he sampled scores of ingredients and finally came up with a winning palette (or, should we say, “palate”?).

Larry hand-stretches each pizza dough using the acclaimed Antico Caputo flour. He artfully crafts sauces with the sun-kissed tomatoes of San Marzano from the region of Campania. He melts and stretches fresh cheese curds by hand to make his own silky fior di latte mozzarella. To top off his sauce he drizzles his favorite extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia and grates Grana Padano cheese from the Pianura Padana valley in Italy.

You can be assured that all ingredients in your Beautiful Flame pizza are top quality. And many of them are organic and locally grown. Consider these luscious options:


Prosciutto and Arugula
Authentic Italian Sausage or Pepperoni
Roasted Red Onion
Gorgonzola and Cremini Mushrooms
Pistachio Pesto With Gorgonzola
A New England Pizza With Clams
A Bounty of Fresh Vegetables for Vegetarians!

LOVE AND ROMANCE  Want an "I Heart" ingredient for your wedding reception or anniversary? Feel free to customize your menu with your own special choices!

KIDS ONLY  Lorenzo's has a soft spot for kids, so if your little one is having a birthday, wow him or her with a special S'Mores Pizza with chocolate and marshmallows!

FOR THE SWEET TOOTH  The Flame even fires up desserts! Everyone will enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth Nutella Pizza -- yes, it's actually a pizza -- filled with seasonal fruit accented by heavenly Nutella. Or try the Cannoli With Bourbon-flavored Vanilla and Lemon Zest, a sophisticated finale.

THE PACKAGE The basic Beautiful Flame Pizza Package includes salad and pizza for your entire party. But you'll want to treat guests to delectable appetizers, such as the savory Sicilian Meatballs, a recipe from Larry's mother Mathilda (or "Muddy," as she was affectionately called). Or bite into the colorful Pepper Boats, made from farm-fresh bell peppers that are filled with ricotta and sausage and spiked with a special hot sauce.

The Beautiful Flame: A Time-honored Craft, a Legacy of Taste

“The only way to stay true to tradition is knowing tradition.” -- Larry Cariglio

Verace Pizza Napoletana Association-Americas
Italians are passionate about Pizza Napoletana with its vivacious taste, smoky fragrance and light-as-air crust. As of 2004, the Italian government set strict guidelines to preserve the tradition of modern pizza, which was created as a tribute to Italy's Queen Margherita in Naples in 1889.

True Naples-style pizza requires a brick oven that burns wood (never gas, electricity or coal) to the high temperature of 900° F. Next comes pizza dough made from the finest flour, then rich, ripe tomatoes for a fresh sauce, which is never cooked -- and mozzarella stretched by hand.

Cheese pizaa before going into the oven.
fresh wood fired margarita pizza

The Quest For Perfection

Larry Cariglio was inspired by the purity of wood-fired pizza. He began a quest: to make pizza according to the time-honored traditions of Naples. 

Larry traveled to New York City and Los Angeles to train with Pizza Napoletana experts. He went to Naples to study the craft and science of making dough at Antico Molino Caputo, makers of the world’s finest pizza flour.  

In 2009, Larry completed a course with Italy’s Verace Pizza Napoletana (V.P.N.) association, which preserves the highest standards of Naples-style pizza. He was awarded a coveted certificate. Even after years of training, Larry realized that perfecting the craft of authentic Pizza Napoletana would take a lifetime.