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Summer of 2015: On the Patio



Customer Comments

  • "Out of the ordinary pizzas"
  • "This pizza place is certainly above average, especially by Ohio standards.  I would even argue that this place is better than almost all of the pizza places in the Cleveland area.

    "Lorenzo's has a few 'out of the ordinary' pizzas, including the chicken pesto pizza and the lobster pizza, both of which are outstanding."

  • Alex Z., Lancaster, PA
  • "Lots of veggies"
  • "Lorenzo’s is light years ahead of most pizza places.  I’m on a diet and mostly stick to salads (great salads!), but I love the fact that at Lorenzo’s you can get lighter choices like chicken sausage or lots of veggies on a skinny crust."

  • Maggie A., Oberlin
  • "Awesome gluten-free pizza"
  • "My new favorite thing about Lorenzo's...they serve some pretty awesome gluten-free pizza. I would highly recommend this pizza to anyone who is on a gluten-free diet, especially since the choices for GF [gluten-free] folks are extremely limited when it comes to eating out at an Italian restaurant."

  • Holly M., Cleveland
  • "Best pizza in Ohio"
  • "By far the best pizza in Ohio. Try their new whole wheat pizza!" 

  • Bob B., Cleveland
  • "Top 5-10% in the state"
  • "The pizza is probably in the top 5-10 percent in the state of Ohio. Highly recommended is the Mediterranean Pizza with eggplant, artichokes, white sauce, olives and feta."

  • Reuben B., Columbus
  • "Reminded us of our recent trip to Italy"
  • "A unique dining experience I didn't think I'd find in Lorain County. My husband had the lasagna and it reminded us of our recent trip to Italy. The pizza is by far the best in the state!"


  • Alison Rae, Cleveland