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Beautiful Flame Catering


Bringing The Flame to your party

We Bring the Restaurant to Your Home -- on Wheels!

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in Oberlin in 2012, Lorenzo’s launched a unique catering service: The Beautiful Flame. It’s a pizzeria-on-wheels! Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, graduation or birthday party, family reunion or anniversary celebration, there’s nothing like The Flame to spice up your party! 

Larry Cariglio had a wood-burning brick oven built on a truck bed that fires up to a scorching 900°F. Then, Larry and his team will make the pizza with all your favorite ingredients. They’ll place the raw pizza into the super-hot oven and in two minutes, the pizza is done. That’s right -- two minutes. 

It’s mesmerizing to watch and the scent of the wood-fired pizza is tantalizing. 

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